Vasona. Supporting Mobile Operators On A Smooth Journey From 3G/LTE To 5G

Vasona offers edge-based solutions with real-time insight and control of mobile data traffic flowing through crowded cells. With Vasona, operators deliver better user experiences, make smarter use of network investments and save money. Vasona helps clients create a more flexible, intelligent and responsive mobile network that can be tuned at the individual cell level.

SmartAIR® Edge is an edge application controller that enables mobile network operators to enhance subscriber Quality of Experience (QoE) without having to undertake expensive and complex upgrades of raw capacity. The controller lives between the radio access network (RAN) and the core network. 

SmartVISION® collects data from the SmartAIR nodes and displays it in a unified interface. 

Video Shaping features is a cell level licensed feature and it has two options: Static or Dynamic.

Dynamic Rate Control (DRCF) traffic management handles congestion in real-time.

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