PeerApp. Content Delivery Platform


PeerApp helps Telcos get more out of their existing network infrastructure, allowing them to defer the massive cost of network expansion and reduce bandwidth costs.

The PeerApp UltraBand platform moves popular content data closer to subscribers, by accelerating and virtually localising content delivery. Any data served from the caching system can be delivered at a much higher speed, as data is made available locally. All traffic usage, including encrypted content, is dynamically managed to minimise data congestion and maintain a high quality of experience. Improve QoE by delivering speeds more than 17 times faster and reduce network costs by more than 30%*

*Depends on customer data traffic.

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Main Products

PeerApp Cache is a content delivery platform that spans Content Localization and Caching for all networks. It is deployed at the core or edge of the network.

PeerApp Live automatically identifies popular live streams and delivers them locally from the operator network’s edge.

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