Accuris Networks. Connectivity Solutions Between Networks.

Even with standards, interoperability between networks and network elements is complicated. Accuris is the globally recognised leading platform in simplifying the interworking between and across networks.

With ever-increasing smartphone growth and usage, and subscribers expecting anytime, anywhere network access, Carriers need to provide frictionless WiFi connectivity to subscribers. Accuris solutions enable subscribers to move seamlessly and securely between LTE, GSM, Wi-Fi, IPX and fixed networks while ensuring a superior quality of experience.

Accuris Networks Solutions

Wi-Fi Offload

Accuris simplifies Carrier Wi-Fi Offload by providing the tools to integrate a wide range of protocols, interfaces and vendors, turning Wi-Fi into a single, cohesive access network.

Wi-Fi Calling

Mobile Service Providers are turning to Wi-Fi Calling to deliver low cost, high-quality mobile service whenever their subscribers are connected to Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi Roaming

With Accuris Networks turn-key Wi-Fi roaming hub, service providers can quickly and easily add Wi-Fi access to existing mobile data roaming plans, discouraging ‘Silent Roamers’ from using low quality, free alternatives

Accuris CONNECT cloud platform

Wi-Fi is a critical component of meeting the capacity and coverage requirements of a mobile society. But no one single Wi-Fi network is enough. As a result, service providers need to manage Wi-Fi from a variety of providers and locations, as well as a multitude of access, security and authentication technologies.

To simplify the process of building and managing a comprehensive Wi-Fi platform, Accuris created CONNECT, a connect-once, use many, platform designed to create a custom Wi-Fi fabric that meets the demands of a data-hungry customer base.

CONNECT is a cloud-based platform for delivering Carrier Wi-Fi services such as Wi-Fi Roaming and Wi-Fi Offload.

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