Our Vision

Leading the world in providing customer value, scalability and transaction throughput, through Cloud software implementations, serving the global Telecommunications industry.

Our Philosophy

Import process. The code bases of our acquired Telco products go through a proven import process, to evaluate and report on the code, fix bugs, modernise, reduce failures and reduce support requirements.

Dual approach. Our solutions allow for both on-premise and cloud products, allowing Telcos to migrate their infrastructure at their own pace.

People business. We believe that Telco software is a people business. We employ a global workforce of technical professionals through our Crossover platform to ensure we have the best global talent.

The Software Factory

The value we deliver to our customers:

  • Modernised software
  • On-premise, hybrid, private and public cloud – at customer’s pace
  • Highest performance, reliability, throughput and scalability
  • Excellence in engineering, support and professional services
  • A model that can provide up to a 10x throughput uplift and a 10x TCO reduction

Customer Value

Partnering for long-term success. Our Customer Value team of experienced global Telco professionals can help you identify improvement metrics, timings and potential product fit within an on-premise / cloud environment.

Global coverage. We have the scale, capital and reach to support your enterprise around the world.

Customer success. We want you to judge us by your own high standards of success, and our Customer Success Program formalises that.

Your own pace. We offer a dual on-premise / cloud approach so your goals can be attained at your pace.

Fast Facts

  • Owned by ESW Capital with a proven, audited model for long term relationships
  • Dual software model – on-premise and cloud
  • Installations in over 50 countries around the world
  • Continuously extending our Telco solution range
  • Value to Telcos: modernised software, 24/7 support, 10x throughput increase
  • Access to the latest engineering through our ‘Software Factory’, with over 4000 engineers worldwide
  • Installations in over 330 leading global Telecom Operators